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Our services

Consulting, Assessment, & Planning

Nowadays, IT Services are very critical for their existence, truth and convenience. The continuity of the Information System must be able to be developed in line with the demands of technological developments. We can be your Data Center Solutions. Our focus is to be the best partner in ICT and Data Center Solutions and provide a scalable Data Center Design based on an International Standard and IT Based Practice.

Implementation & Project Management

As the Data Center trend grows in Indonesia inline with the increasing demand for Data Center. We combine our experience and knowledge to build your prestigious Data Center projects. We can provide expert advices and guidance to your organization to help plan, execute, and successfully deliver projects on time within budget and scope through the project management methodologies, project tools, & techniques.


Data Center Operations include installing, maintaining, facility and network resources, ensuring Data Center security and monitoring system the power and cooling. Our support is to monitor Data Center infrastructure and facility by providing our qualified engineer team in your Data Center Area daily.

Knowledge Transfer & Training

In Data Centers, where so much of knowledge is gathered from experience and contextual understanding. Much of these knowledge is typically either lost, hidden, broken, or in the other case it’s unavailable to use. We can help your organization to compile all the information gathered during a project so that the information was readily accessible going forward.

Service & Maintenance

The Challenge in building Data Center is about “The People”. A great Data Center design and constructed facility will be meaningless if running a facility without supported by the good maintenance service. We have experienced team of all Data Center facility supporting infrastructure system used most recently. Therefore, we provide our field technicians to give excellent service to your Data Center operation support.

Consultant Scope

  • Basic Design of Data Center (DC)
  • DC Load Calculation, including Rack , UPS, Electrical, Cooling Capacity, and Electrical Requirement Calculation
  • Structural Reinforcement for DC Floor
  • Detailed Design of DC, including Architectural, Finishing, Electrical, UPS, Cooling, Fire Suppression, Security, Rack System, Data Cabling, and Network
  • DC Design & Facility Certification: Uptime Institute & TIA
  • Supervision of DC Construction
  • Project Management

Assessment Scope

  • Thermal Assessment
  • Electrical System Assessment
  • Floor Plan and Equipment List
  • Fire Suppression System Assessment
  • Data Cabling System
  • Security & Access Control
  • Findings Report and Recommendation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Report – Optional
  • IT Assessment
  • Data Center & IT Consultant
  • Data Center & IT Assessment/Audit Services
  • Managed Service
  • Data Center & IT Implementation
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